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Horses, Ketus, and Fantasy Creatures
I can do digital, or traditional with colored pencils.

Please send me a detailed note with what you want, and I can give you a time frame!

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Bombadil's Dream by Hevosten Bombadil's Dream :iconhevosten:Hevosten 1 3
Aurek and Quilla meet Rufio
After a cold, long night in the open terrain of the Blasting Moors, Aurek and Quilla reached the edge of the mountains in the Singing Vale. Neither of them knew where to begin looking for Rufio, so they decided to wander along the bottom in the lush vegetation, hoping to find a village where he might reside. Aurek was uncomfortable in dense trees and brush as it limited his sight. “Stay close, let me lead.” he ordered.
Quilla was happy to follow, not eager to run into a boar family again like last time she was here. But perhaps she could manage it this time? She had learned to fight and hunt, after all. Maybe she wasn't as weak as she thought she was.
Aurek made sure Quilla stayed right behind him, his ears twitching at every sound. Colorful birds flew overhead in the canopy, and the occasional imp called to them from above. To the brown male, any one of those sounds could mean danger.
Soon they came across a small stream, rushing with clear cold, mountain water. Quilla imm
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Shula the Killer (Sharpen your Claws) by Hevosten
Mature content
Shula the Killer (Sharpen your Claws) :iconhevosten:Hevosten 0 0
Aurek and Quilla by Hevosten Aurek and Quilla :iconhevosten:Hevosten 1 0 Gambol on the cliffs by Hevosten Gambol on the cliffs :iconhevosten:Hevosten 1 0
A Necessary Parting
Sunrise, the one thing on earth Serilda would ever call beautiful. Sunsets were charming, but not beautiful. There was something about the way the world woke up that she found mesmerizing... until the bird chatter became too loud. This morning she had chosen a large flat-topped rock as her observation point. Before her the Blasting Moors was just starting to light up, long shadows stretching to the west. A cool breeze began to blow in from the north, making the long grasses sway like waves on a golden ocean.
Seri shivered slightly as the cool air reached passed her fur and touched her skin. It was an odd sensation, feeling her fur warming up from the morning sun, yet being cold from the air. But she loved it. She loved the cold, as long as she wasn't wet. The crisp winter air made her feel alive... Perhaps she would journey to colder areas.
She glanced over at the two heaps of fur laying nearby in the wild grass and frowned. How could they still be sleeping? The sun had now cleared the
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Copper find by Hevosten Copper find :iconhevosten:Hevosten 2 0 Baron And De'llana Payment by Hevosten Baron And De'llana Payment :iconhevosten:Hevosten 2 1 We have liftoff! by Hevosten We have liftoff! :iconhevosten:Hevosten 1 0 Searching the waterfall by Hevosten Searching the waterfall :iconhevosten:Hevosten 0 0
Reaping: Unwanted responsibilities
Why... Why me? By the gods, WHY?
Serilda just couldn't understand how she could be just, well, collecting ketu companions! Do I have a sign on me saying, 'join me on my travels! Free meals and lessons!' Geez, what is going on here? To make matters worse was how the relationship between the male and her female companion was developing.
If she didn't like looking behind her before, she certainly didn't want to now. Since Serilda had made it clear she wasn't interested in having a male around, the brown newcomer was throwing all his charm at Quilla. Poor girl is too innocent to even realize what he's doing. It's a disaster waiting to happen. Whatever, not my problem. She's a grown ket, she can do what she wants. Still, Seri couldn't help but worry a bit about the small charcoal female.
They had been traveling together for months now, and she did decide to look after her and take care of her. Seri silently growled at herself. Why me? This is NOT what I'm supposed to
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Searching in the fog by Hevosten Searching in the fog :iconhevosten:Hevosten 3 2
Prospecting: A New Companion
In silence the pair of females continued their journey across the Blasting Moors, neither one of them ready to apologize. In truth, Serilda didn't think she did anything wrong. She knows what this means to me. She has no right to be upset about any of it. If she wants she could just walk away! Nothing says she has to follow me around. Carefully she lead the way around the geysers and streams, too proud to even look back at her traveling companion. Head held high, it wasn't long before she discovered some rocks that could contain some copper ore. Finally, some luck!
Quilla watched Seri walk away, then slowly got to her feet, shook some of the mud off, and followed. Silent tears streamed down from her eyes, drawing tracks through the mud on her face. She made sure to keep a good distance behind, well out of strike range. Yes, she could go out on her own, but to what purpose? Who would help her? The only option she had was to sell herself into slavery, if anyone would even d
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Xiphos reference image by Hevosten Xiphos reference image :iconhevosten:Hevosten 1 0 Battle: Gambol finds a bug by Hevosten Battle: Gambol finds a bug :iconhevosten:Hevosten 0 2 Do Not Disturb by Hevosten Do Not Disturb :iconhevosten:Hevosten 3 2




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I have lost interest in some of my Colderrian mounts, so I want to get rid of them. Admins, feel free to correct me if anything in here is not allowed!


Axenus registration
Custom nagian 54 by WoC-Brissinge
Nagians breed lines - Dolphiros

As a Starter, I'm doing a giveaway.  Simply reply below to the featured comment. Winner will be drawn in 10 days(June 29th) from

Arwa registration
Markhorse #153 - Custom 76 by Jasper-19
*OPENED* Markhorses by Jasper-19
Arwa, also a starter, I have grown attached to, so for her I am asking for art entries. These are effort based and creativity is a bonus. After one month, I will pick a winner. All entries will go towards her points. When you create her new reference, please mention me so that I know you have done so. I want her to go to a good home!

Hammer registration
*SOLD*For sale # 185 by WoC-Brissinge
Forest horses - Breed reference

For Hammer I am just asking 100 points, since that is what I paid for him. But I am willing to haggle.
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So, just wondering if anyone has attempted to make their own Tarot deck?

I've never had a deck, but I enjoyed messing around with my ex's. I find it quite interesting. Just thought it would be a fun project to work on, on top of all my arpgs I got going on hahaha! Hopefully by the time I am done I can afford to print them!

My only problem is I'm not used to working on such small canvases :scared:  3x5 inches is tiny!  could make the images then shrink them down, but I'm afraid I will make them too big and they will look awful when shrunk...

The theme? Why, dragons of course! Obvious starting point is the major arcana. I'm not doing them in any order, just random pick from the deck. I've done the Emperor and Judgement is next :)

Not sure if I should post them or not, they are going to be pretty simple, nothing super detailed or dramatic.

No, I don't think they are evil. I don't think divination and communication with spirits is actually possible. I think of the cards more as a tool to help my inward focus, to clarify my problems and maybe hint at a solution.

Anyway, just felt like sharing :D
  • Listening to: pandora
  • Reading: the screen
  • Watching: the colors on the screen! lol
  • Playing: how long can I stay awake
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United States
Well, I'm from the midwest area of The U.S. Just kinda taking life one day at a time. In my late 20s, with my birthday coming up woot!

I LOVE arpg! But I think I am getting tired of doing just horses, so I'm branching out currently. I don't just do art. I also like to do cross stitch, adult coloring books, and various crafts.


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